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Early Morning Balloon Flights

Ballooning is the most awesome way to see Cappadocia; flying among the lunar–like rock formations at dawn is the absolute best way to start the day.

Balloon flights take place over the famous rock formations of Cappadocia that are on UNESCO’S World Heritage List.

All Balloon Flights Include...

√ Pickup from hotel
√ Tea or coffee and a bite to eat
√ See the balloons being inflated (great for photos, too)
√ Safety instructions once you are in the basket
√ Traditional "champagne" celebration on landing
√ Flight certificate / medal presentation
√ Return to your hotel in time for breakfast

Important Note...

This year balloon flights are getting booked up fast and it is almost impossible to get last minute flights. For example, I am writing this at the start of May and many days in July are already filling up.

To make sure you are not disappointed please book well in advance.

1 Hour Regular Flight

This is the 60 minute flight that takes place all year round. This flight takes you high up for the full panoramic view and down closer to the valleys to see the rock formations closer up. It is no wonder that the flight over the lunar landscape of Cappadocia is known as the best balloon flight in the world!

From €140 per person

(Prices may be higher subject to availability)

Book by Email ››

1 Hour Comfort Flight

"Comfort Flight" quite simply means more leg room. If you think that standing on more or less the same spot for an hour would be difficult, this flight allows you a little more space in which you can flex your legs and turn more easily for taking photos. On these flights there is a maximum of 16 persons in a 20 person basket.

If you are looking for a balloon flight with seats please see our Private Flight below.

From €170 per person

Book by Email ››

1½ Hour Deluxe Flight

This 90 minute flight is for those who want a longer time over the valleys and surreal landscape of the region. If a balloon flight is on your bucket list, this is the flight for you.

From €225 per person

Book by Email ››

1½ Hour Private Flight

This 90 minute private flight is exactly the right flight for that romantic proposal, anniversary or birthday celebration.

These balloon baskets also have seats, so this balloon flight is ideal for those who either don’t want to stand or who would have problems standing for the duration of the flight.

From €950 total for 2 persons

From €1,900 total for 4 persons

If you would like a private flight for a larger group, please ask for our prices and balloon details.

Book by Email ››