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● Trips at any time of day ● Hotel pickup and drop off

Ceramics Pottery Avanos

Traditional Ceramics and Pottery

The Kizilirmak or Red River is the longest river in Turkey and its flood plain around Avanos has been home to potters since crockery was invented.

It has been such an important tradition that no family would give their daughter as a bride to a boy from Avanos if he couldn’t throw a pot!

There are a number of excellent workshops in the area that give wonderful presentations on the red clay tradition and designs as well as the more modern white clay plate production, and you will also see the detailed hand painting of the artists.

After watching the demonstration, you can even throw your own pot while kicking the wheel with your foot, an ancient technique derived from the Hittites

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Cappadocia local rug making

Local Rug Making

If every boy in Avanos could throw a pot, every girl could make a rug; traditionally the parents’ idea of a marriage made in heaven!

The local rug making tradition is still alive and well, so bring the measurements of that carpet you are looking for; who knows you may find it in Cappadocia.

While there are many rug shops in tourist areas, it is more interesting to visit a carpet cooperative where you can join the ladies making the carpets and have a go yourself.

You will also be shown around to learn about the wool dying techniques, silk making process, and examples of the traditional designs from each Turkish region.

It’s a fascinating cultural visit, even if you don’t want to buy.

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Ebru, Turkish Marbling

The Art of Ebru (Turkish Marbling)

The art of Ebru or Turkish Marbling was developed in the Ottoman period, so tulips and carnations are common motifs.

The artist has a tray of sticky liquid on which oily paints float.

These colours are gently brushed into a pattern and when paper contacts the surface the design is transferred seemingly by magic.

In Cappadocia you can try this art for yourself and take home an easy–to–carry souvenir.

Ebru is such an important cultural heritage for both Turkey and the world that it is listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List ››

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Handmade jewelery and semi precious stones

Hand–Made Gold & Silver Jewelery
Semi–Precious Stones
Meerschaum Trinkets

Turkey has a rich and varied geology that produces a variety of gemstones, onyx and meerschaum.

Some workshops specialize in semi–precious gems (both raw and polished) and have a range of handmade gold and silver jewelery of unusual attractive designs.

Other knick-knacks include decorative meerschaum pipes and trinkets, and onyx ornaments.

You can even find hand–made decorative copperware!

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