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The weather in Cappadocia this week.

Can I visit Cappadocia any time of year?

Yes, you can. Museums are open all year round and there are tours and balloon flights every day. During Ramadan most restaurants are open. For cold weather, we have lovely warm rooms at Cave Konak Hotel.

What's the weather like in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia has four very clear seasons, each with special associations for Cappadocians:

Spring: the nightingale's song, wild flowers, and the overpowering scent from the Russian Olive.
Summer: strawberries, cherries, apricots, and the sweetest oranges from the cave depots.
Autumn: grapes, and making pekmez (grape molasses) and tomato paste in the garden.
Winter: snowmen or sun, skiing on Mount Erciyes, and warm, cosy stone and cave houses.

In summer, especially in August, the hottest temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Farenheight), but there is a cooler breeze to offset the heat. In addition, humidity is low, so it is cooler in the shade.

As the world's weather is changing, the air seems to be getting cooler in Cappadocia, which means that even in late spring and early autumn, evenings can be cool enough to require a cardigan or light jacket.

Winter, especially January, can be very cold with snow followed by sunny but cold days. All days are suitable for tours, museums are open every day, and if you are lucky enough to be here in the snow the countryside looks awesome.

The Turkish State Meteorological Service gives all weather information in English.

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Money & Tipping

You quote in Euros. Can we pay in a different currency?

You can pay in Euros, US dollars, or Turkish Liras. We use the exchange rates given by the Turkish Government Central Bank.

Are there any ATM (cash) machines near your hotel?

Yes, only two minutes down the road on foot. There are many different banks, and some even dispense Euros and US Dollars as well as Turkish Liras.

What should I tip?

Tipping is not compulsory. If you are unhappy you should not give anything, if you are really happy you should leave more. It is an expression of appreciation, and it is always very much appreciated.

Restaurants: 10–12%.

Tours: Please give to the driver and guide separately (you may prefer to give in envelopes). On a private tour the average is 10–15 US dollars per day to the driver, and 25–30 US dollars per day to the guide. However there are no limits.

Hotels: For the ladies who clean your room it is traditional to leave a small tip of 1–5% in the tip box in the room or under the pillow. For general hotel tips there is a box in reception and another at breakfast. You may wish to tip the person who helps you with your bags.

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Is Turkey a Muslim state?

After the Turkish war of independence, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his colleagues established the new Republic of Turkey as a secular state. However, 95% of the population is Muslim.

It seems that the majority of women in Turkey do not cover their hair. Does this mean they are not religious?

No, it doesn't tell you anything about their religion. Most people in Turkey believe that covering a woman's hair is a personal decision. Many women who do not cover their hair hold strong religious beliefs.

I thought drinking alcohol was against Muslim belief, so why is alcohol widely available in Turkey?

Most people in Turkey believe drinking alcohol is a question of personal choice, and quite a number choose to do so, even if they obey other Muslim practices. Others are strongly against alcohol.

What connects Cappadocia and Christianity?

It is thought that Christianity came to Cappadocia very early, as Cappadocians were at the Pentecost (see New Testament, Acts 2).

Saint George is believed to have been born in a village called Baskoy near Soganli Valley. He was always an important saint in the east, and his fame spread to the west with the return of the crusaders. Nearby Mount Erciyes is supposed to be where he fought the dragon.

In Güzelyurt (Gelveri, Karvala, Karballa), Saint Gregorius Church (385 A.C.), named for Gregory of Nazianzus the Theologian from Cappadocia.

Saint Gregory of Nyssa came from Nevsehir in Cappadocia. He, along with his brother Saint Basil and their friend Saint Gregory the Theologian are known as The Cappadocian Fathers of the Church.

Saint Basil (Basil of Caesarea) established the guidelines for monastic life, focussing on community life, liturgical prayer, and manual labor. He is therefore seen as the father of the later Byzantine cave monasteries in Cappadocia whose cave churches have such beautiful frescos.

Icons of Saint Gregory the Theologian, Saint Gregory of Nyssa, Saint Basil and Saint George can be seen in the Byzantine cave churches in Cappadocia.

Saint John the Russian, the Confessor (Saint Johannes / Ioannis Rossos / Yuannis) is a more recent saint who lived and died in Urgup. He was loved and respected by both Muslims and Christians. His remains were taken from Urgup to Greece on the exchange of populations in 1924. His original tomb at Temenni (Wish Hill) overlooks Urgup and can be seen from Cave Konak Hotel.

In Cappadocia, Muslims and Christians lived peacefully together in towns and villages until the exchange of populations with Greece as laid down by the Treaty of Lausanne at the end of the First World War.

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I come from the UK - 240v system. Do I need an adaptor for Turkey?

No, you can use all your appliances safely. Turkey has a 230v AC system which is lower than the UK's, and the difference makes no difference.

I come from the USA - 110v system. Do I need an adaptor in Turkey?

The Turkish 230v system means that an adaptor is necessary. However, many appliances have their own internal adapters (such as laptop computers and digital cameras). You should check the information on the back of the appliance.

What type of socket is standard in Turkey?

Sockets in Turkey require two round pins.

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How much are your rooms?

Room prices vary throughout the year. To check the cost at the time of your stay start the booking procedure by entering your dates, then rooms and prices for those dates will be displayed.

Please also check out our Special Offers on Room Prices.

How can I check room availability?

Start the booking procedure by entering the dates of your visit. The next screen shows the rooms and availability. If there is a particular room you want and it is not available, please contact us as it may be possible to rearrange rooms.

How can I change my booking?

If you have booked with later cancellation possibility, it's easy. You should log into your reservation as described in the confirmation e-mail and make the changes you require. If in doubt do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have booked at the instant non-refundable rate and something has gone very wrong, contacting us early enough may help us to postpone your stay.

Can I book a tour on your website?

You can book a tour or activity with us at any time by sending us an e–mail telling us the details. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please also check out our Special Tour & Balloon Packages which combine balloon flights with different types of tours and sometimes accommodation and airport transfers too.

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Which airport is best, Nevsehir or Kayseri?

Nevsehir is 5–10 minutes closer, but Kayseri has more flights. You should choose your airport by selecting the flights that are best for you. The journey time from Kayseri airport is about 50 minutes.

What about airport transfers?

The cheapest way to get to our hotel is by airport shuttle. We can book the shuttle for you if you send us your flight number, airport name, airline name & flight times. The cost is €10 cash per adult, under 6-11 years €5 and 1-5 years free. We can also arrange private transfers.

You can book transfers on our Airport Transfers page.

Coming by Bus

Bus travel in Turkey is cheap but there are no toilets so you have to wait for the scheduled stops. In addition if you are traveling overnight you will be sleeping in your seat.

When purchasing your ticket make sure you book with a company that comes into Urgup and doesn't just leave you in Nevsehir. Make sure that your destination "Urgup" is written on your ticket.

You can be dropped off at the mosque in the center of town just opposite the hamam (Turkish bath). If you go to the bus station it is a 5 minute walk with bags or a taxi will only cost between 6 and 10 Turkish Liras.

Where is your hotel?

We are in Urgup, an old street right near the center not far from the bus station. Find the hamam (Turkish bath) and we are opposite, just look up.
GSM coordinates: 38.629685, 34.909827.
You can find Cave Konak Hotel in Google Maps where you can ask for directions.

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Can I wear shorts and sleeveless t-shirts?

Yes, of course. While Cappadocia is a more traditional place, the local people are used to tourists and even university students who have different ideas about dress. However, please bear in mind that it's not the same as staying at a beach resort.

How should I dress to visit a mosque?

Men should cover their legs (trousers not shorts) and shoulders (not sleeveless).

Women should cover their legs (trousers or longer skirt) and shoulders (at least short sleeves), and not show a low neckline. In addition, women should cover their hair completely.

What clothes should I pack for Cappadocia?

Walking shoes with good grip (even for open air museums)

Trousers (not white) if you are going to do any walking or ballooning

Something warm for evenings and your early morning balloon flight

Sunglasses useful even on winter days

Sun hat

Winter is cold, and spring and autumn changeable - so plenty of layers, a good jacket or coat as well as hat, scarf and gloves.

In addition, do not forget to pack a good camera with lots of memory and spare batteries, and a small flashlight is good for exploration.

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Food & Drink

Is it safe to drink tap water?

Locals (like us) drink tap water, but the quality can vary even in different parts of Cappadocia. Of course, the best advice for all travelers throughout the world is to stick to bottled water.

Are there any special local foods?

There are several different foods that are special to Cappadocia:

Pekmez is the local home-made grape syrup / molasses is used in many different ways. At Cave Konak Hotel serve it at breakfast mixed with tahini (sesame seed paste) for you to dip your bread in. It is also used to make sweets which can be bought from the nut shops around town.

Testi Kebab is a special treat: lamb in a clay pot with the top sealed with dough and cooked for anything from two and a half to six hours in a traditional stone oven. This dish originated in Avanos, where the local potters cooked lunch in their kiln.

Kayseri Mantası is home-made ravioli served in garlic yoghurt and topped with tomato purée sauce.

Sucuk pronounced ‘sujuk’ is the spicy Turkish sausage.

Pastirma is pressed dried meat, usually beef, wrapped in a spicy paste made of cumin, fenugreek, garlic and hot paprika. It originates from the Turkic horsemen of the steps who used to put slabs of meat under their saddles to press, dry and preserve them. Pastrami is Italy's version of pastirma and Kayseri is famous for making it.

Are restaurants open during Ramazan?

Yes, of course. There are many restaurants, especially in tourist areas, which are open all day during Ramadan.

However, even in tourist areas, a little sensitivity to eating and drinking in the street is appreciated.

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