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"Cappadocia Rox" by Halil Efe
Looks spooky!
View from a cool cave
Fairy chimneys
Pointed nose
Old looking fairy chimneys
I wonder who lived here!
Beehive in a cave
This is my dad – he’s a rock!
I love these rocks ♥♥♥
This was my grandparents cave home!
"Oooh, are you coming to visit meeee?"
Rock shaped like a knife
There are rabbits in Cappadocia
A giant snail
This is the house of a mouse!
Bulldog and rabbit
Is it a hammer, or is it a snail?
Is it a tortoise or is it a turtle?
Can you see the face?
Garfield is a naughty cat!
A walking rock!
A non-walking rock!
Urgup’s Fairy Chimneys