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Central Urgup, Cappadocia

Our Location on Google Maps:

38.6296981, 34.840054

Just 2 minutes on foot from the town center. Balloon flights and tours pick up at the door. Airport shuttles can drop you here too.

If arriving by bus: make sure your bus ticket is for Urgup and ask to get off at the central mosque or "merkez camii" (pron: mair-kez jaa-mee). You will see our hotel when you look up, just behind the mosque.

If arriving by car: parking is free in the little street behind the mosque or in the car park opposite.

Address: Dutlu Camii Mahallesi, Dar 2 Sokak No. 5, 50400 Urgup, Cappadocia.

We Speak English Book by WhatsApp +90 532 553 5140

We Speak English 

Book by WhatsApp +90 532 553 5140

Phone (English): +90 (532) 553 5140
Phone (Office): +90 (384) 341 4322
Phone (English): +90 (532) 553 5140
Phone (Office): +90 (384) 341 4322

About Urgup

Urgup is a small town in the central region of Cappadocia, comfortable with a mix of traditional and modern lifestyles, and the hub for local villages and transportation.

The inhabitants are comfortable with tourism but not dominated by it; for this reason it is a great place to stay if you want to get a feel for daily life outside of the big cities.

Urgup has been variously known as "Ossiana", "Bashisar", "Burgut Kalesi" and "Prokopi", and in Ottoman times it was the administrative center of the region before Nevsehir took over.

Until the 1924 exchange of populations there was a large Christian community in Urgup, and many of the traditional streets are full of old Greek houses.

Strolling around the old town, there are many attractive street views, and in autumn locals boil up tomato paste and pekmez (grape molasses), chop wood for winter, and dry squash seeds outside their homes.

To see what Urgup is like, please go to our special collection of Urgup Photos ››