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Cappadocia ATV Tour

Ride with a Camel Train

How about joining a camel safari in Cappadocia?

For these trips the camels have special seats and follow a leader*.

The tour will start in a nomad tent where you are offered tea, the rules are explained and you sign up for the trip. On the camel safari you will see fairy chimneys and a valley in the countryside. At the end of the trip you return to the nomad tent for a certificate presentation.

Daytime Camel Safaris

There are 1 hour and a 2 hour camel rides. (Included in this time is 15 minutes at the start and at the end in the nomad tent as described above.)

Sunrise Camel Safari

You can join a camel ride at dawn when it is also possible see the balloons in the skies around the fairy chimneys*.

Sunset Camel Safari

There is also a sunset camel ride where you can watch sundown* from amongst the fairy chimneys.

1 HOUR: 100 Turkish Liras per person*
2 HOURS: 150 Turkish Liras per person*

Book by Email ››

* Prices true for 2017.

* For persons over 90 kilos the price and conditions of the camel ride change.

* If weather conditions at sunrise mean that balloons are not allowed to fly on that morning you can still experience the early morning peacefulness in the countryside amongst the fairy chimneys.

* If the sun is not visible at sunset, you can still experience dusk falling amongst the fairy chimneys in this beautiful valley.