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Cappadocia Hamam

Turkish Bath in Cappadocia

A Turkish bath is a great way to clear your pores of all that dust you picked up during your day out in Cappadocia.

The best known hamam in Cappadocia is in Goreme, and there are different sections for men and women. We can arrange a 10% reduction for our guests.

You can be picked up at the hotel, or stop by at the end of your tour. Alternatively, if you would like a multi day activity such as a valley walk or horseback riding in the morning, ATV tour in the afternoon followed by a Turkish bath, we can coordinate all your activities for you.

Included in the cost: face mask, sauna, shower, hot marble slab, scrub, 15 minute foam massage.

Cost: 25 Euros per person (transfer not included)

~ we can arrange a 10% reduction for you ~

Special oil massage costs €0.50 per minute.

Rezervasyon için bizi arayın:
Ofis: 0384 341 4322
Cep: 0536 774 7537
Ofis: 0384 341 4322
Cep: 0536 774 7537